mobile Safe Driving helps avoid car accidents and crashes caused by distracted driving!

Parents now have the means to safely stop the dangerous practice of teens texting while driving, making phone calls and using apps (such as Facebook, camera, games…) while they should be controlling their car.
In ‘automatic mode’ the application monitors the phone’s movements using a combination of GPS and other cutting-edge geo-location technologies. When the teen is driving and the speed is above 12Km/h or 7mph the Smartphone application automatically starts the parental control rules for safer driving and blocks all texting, phoning or app usage while they drive.
mobile Safe Driving includes two modes, automatic and manual. Both modes track the start and finish time of the trip, distance travelled, route taken, speed… and this information is saved to a secure server. The parents can then view how safely the teen was driving.
The driver’s distracted driving permissions are managed by the account owner (Parent) when logged in to These include: driving security levels (Heavy mode that will block all but emergency calls, or Responsible mode that will allow emergency calls, navigation apps and music players), driver setup, and notification rules. The parent can also see the drivers trip reports.
mobile Safe Driving Benefits in Five Points
  • Prevent teens from texting and calling while driving.

  • The app launches automatically when moving above 12km/h (7mph).

  • Full monitoring & reporting of the driver’s activity to the parents.

  • One click alert notification button in case of emergency.

  • Parental control service to avoid distracted driving.

Additional Benefits for White-label Partners

mobile Safe Driving has been designed to be white-labeled for Operators, Hardware Manufacturers, Re-sellers, Insurance/Warranty companies...

mobile Safe Driving is one of many applications designed, developed and distributed by Avanquest Mobile Technologies.

  • Each service has its own specific value proposition.
  • Business partners can combine components as needed, to create the offerings that align best with their business objectives.
  • Can be fully integrated with partner’s back-end payment and single sign-on systems.
  • Full white label branding: color schemes, icons, logos...

All of our services along with the web portal have been carefully designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

mobile Safe Driving Features
  • Protects the driver from being distracted when driving by stopping any outside distractions from calls or text messages.
  • Stops the teen from texting while driving.
  • Stops the driver from making phone calls when driving.
  • Safe Driving protection can be automatically activated once the vehicle is moving more than 12Km/h (7mph) .
  • One click parent alert in the case of an emergency.
  • Allow access to ‘safe’ programs; GPS, Music… (controlled by parents)
  • Actions such as switching off the phone, using the override feature etc. are logged and the account owner is notified.
  • At any time, parents can remotely view where their children are and what route they have taken via the online map interface.
  • Automatic and Manual Safe Driving activation modes are available.
  • A manual override function will allow the driver to use their phone normally when not driving. (This is logged)
  • Parents can decide just how strict they want to be with their children.
  • Parents can select when and by what method (email or text message/SMS) they are alerted.
  • Parents can set up the children’s phones from their online account.
  • Support for CDMA and GSM networks.
mobile Safe Driving System Requirements
  • Android OS 2.2 or higher smartphone
  • Data plan with SMS (for notifications)
  • Fully functional GPS
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari…
mobile Safe Driving Screenshots